The world revolves around those who know how to reflect their image and entrench their brand. Your image and brand defines YOU, personally and professionally. I provide a scope of services that executes this objective. With this professional approach I have assisted individuals both in the public and private sectors with rave reviews. I have a clearly defined system that guarantees you will reflect a high level of professionalism and sophistication so that you can be the best version of your self.

The scope of services are:

  • Closet Evaluation
  • Personal Shopping
  • Pack you for your next business or personal trip
  • Photos of all of your different looks.
  • Get you ready to present on stage.
  • Travel to a preferred shopping destination 
  • On line consultations via Skype 

I’m your partner when defining your style and image. I look forward to assisting you in being the best version of yourself personally and professionally. All of the services is uniquely tailored to your needs and budget.

The Closet Consultation includes up to 3 hours of professional assistance wherein I evaluate your entire closet item by item, including your shoes, purses, jewelry, ties, belts and other accessories. I also take an inventory of what may be lacking. I suggest what type of wardrobe hangers and shoe racks if applicable. During this process, I may ask you to try on your clothing to evaluate the proper fit. If alterations are needed, I will measure you on site and deliver your clothing to a tailor.

Next with your style, image and budget in mind, I accompany you on a personal shopping adventure. By then I will already know which stores will best to shop from.  My goal is to assist you in acquiring the balance of your foundational needs, expand your wardrobe to sophisticate you in a manner that represents on the outside who you are on the inside.

Let the adventure begin!

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