When we are our best selves the possibilities are endless!


The world revolves around those who know how to reflect their image and entrench their brand. Your image and brand defines YOU, personally and professionally. Prestige by Eugenia provides a scope of services that executes this objective. With this professional approach we have assisted individuals both in the public and private sectors with rave reviews. We have a clearly defined system that guarantees you will reflect a high level of professionalism and sophistication.

Our scope of services are:

  • Coordinated to create customized solutions for you.
  • Detailed to give you a professional outlook.
  • Packaged to your individual needs and budget.
  • Filled with pragmatic image tips.
  • Served in a budget-friendly framework and so much more.

Prestige by Eugenia is your partner when defining your style and image. We look forward to assisting you in being the best version of yourself personally and professionally


  • Eugenia, I wanted to thank you again for all your help. I continue to receive compliments and recognition for my sharp appearance. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Did I tell you I got an increase in my pay, a perfect review, and recognized as the hardest worker in my department? ...true. And it's all thanks to you. ?? I thought it would be good info as you promote the power and importance of dressing appropriately.

    Nathan Y.
  • Eugenia was a volunteer stylist for my nonprofit charity WoW Utah. Eugenia has donated her time and expertise to help dress women for success. These women are women who have courageously left domestic abuse, polygamy, overcome substance abuse and survive a devastating illness where they all have lost everything. You genius expertise in finding the perfect style, color and fit for women of worth has been such an incredible blessing for them and for WoW Utah. I highly recommend Eugenia and her incredible brilliance for any individual or company needing a wardrobe consultant!

    Judee Founder and Executive Director add WoW Utah-Women of Worth Utah
  • As soon as Eugenia walks through the door, you instantly realize that Eugenia not only shares her wardrobe expertise, but she also LIVES it. She is straightforward with her approach, but absolutely in the right way. She is knowledgeable in all trends and is not the kind of person who pressures you to follow these trends, but provide you with solutions to integrate new trends with classics for a long-lasting look. Eugenia takes into consideration your age, height, profession, budget, and goals to assist you with the selecting the right wardrobe. She is not about spending money, she is more about spending money on the right items that can be interchanged with other items, and look like an entirely new outfit. Eugenia has spoken for and of the woman's group I attended, and also attended a small local woman's holiday fair, and I have been impressed with her each time. It is rare to find such a genuine person, and I am happy to recommend her and her wardrobe services.

    Amber Entrepreneur

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